U shackle install

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U shackle install

Notapor m606paz » 20 Abr 2014, 21:43

wesk escribió:The best and easiest way is in accordance with the steps in the manuals. I strongly recommend you have three thoroughly reviewed manuals in front of you when you start the job.
1- TM 9-804 or TM 9-8012 M38 Operator's and Manintenance Manual
2- ORD 9 SNL G-740 The M38 Part Manual
3- SM 1002 The civilian CJ2A/3A, 3B service factory manual.
You'll find Chapter S of SM1002 here:
http://www.willysmjeeps.com/v2/modules. ... _album.php

When you say back of your springs are you referring to both front and rear ends of the rear springs or just the rear ends of both the front and rear springs?
You should reference shackle end of spring or pivot end of spring. The pivot bolt is a different size on M38's (7/16") so do not buy a civvy CJ pivot bolt.



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Re: U shackle install

Notapor vladimirsinisi » 20 Abr 2014, 21:53

mas claro echale agua Enrique :lol:
Ahora te falta el porque asi 8) :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: U shackle install

Notapor piyu » 21 Abr 2014, 08:42

jaja! sii! quedo claritoo!
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